21st june 2022 | 16.00-18.00

sustainable maritime transport

full sail ahead to a sustainable transport system

For the first YOUNITE impact talk we are thrilled to have a true trailblazer of the energy transition in transport with us: Cristina Aleixendri, COO and co-founder of bound4blue from Barcelona. Cristina’s career brings together both worlds: tech and business. She is an engineer and also holds an MBA from IESE Business School. She will take us on her entrepreneurial mission towards a more sustainable transport system and her personal experiences as a female founder.

Cristina Aleixandri

COO and Co-Founder of bound4blue


YOUNITE Impact Talks are free-of-cost inspiration sessions, where you learn from first hand experiences and get inspired to become the transformative leaders of tomorrow.
- During sessions, you will hear from women and men who are successfully making a positive impact on climate and society, in an intimate and safe setting
- Learn about the YES!Delft and Erasmus Enterprise ecosystem, services and programs
- Build a community of peers as well as YES!Delft and Erasmus Enterprise startups, experts and team during the network drinks.

Participation is free, but registration is necessary as we only have limited seats available.